Monday, April 11, 2005


The year: 1987. The place: Washington state. The parents of a 10 year old boy called Human Skab release a cassette of his original compositions like "Mining The Radiation" and "We Need To Destroy The USSR."

The year: 2005. A remastered version of the tape will be released on CD this October thru Family Vineyard Records. It's to be called, "Thunderhips and Saddlebags." They're remastering a recording of a boy yelling into a portable tape-recorder?

And why shouldn't they? This acapella tune is just made to be sampled/remixed:

"Dead Baby Blues"

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Chris said...

Not to quibble, but I think it was Skab's uncle that sent the tapes out. When his parents found out (i.e. they started getting freaked-out letters from tape-trading weirdos addressed to their 10 year old son), it essentially 'disbanded' Human Skab as we know it.

Glad to see this sample up here...I'm bouncing off the walls for this reissue, and I see today that a limited-to-100 LP of another Skab tape, "Stay Hungry," will be released in August, also on Family Vineyard. Happy days for all! (as long as you don't live in Soviet Russia, then WATCH OUT! Skab's coming for you!!)