Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Stephen Hawking: brilliant physicist, considered the heir to Newton and Einstein; crippled by Lou Gehrig's disease, he speaks thru a voice synthesizer.
MC Hawking: his hard-core hip-hip alter ego.

So someone gets ahold of the type of voice synthesizer Dr. Hawking uses and records a buncha profanity-laden rap songs. About science. Sounds like it might be funny for maybe 30 seconds, right? Guess again Einstein, this is genius - whoever is behind this knows both his science AND his hip-hop. The debut album "A Brief History Of Rhyme" just dropped, dripping with tunes both hilarious and (I hate to say it) even sorta educational. From "F%@# Tha Creationists": "...they're a bunch of punk-ass bitches/every time I think of them my finger trigger itches/Noah and his ark, Adam and his Eve/straight-up fairy stories only children believe..." Funny, rightous, boomin' beats. "Entropy" is a parody of Naughty By Nature's "OPP" (with another dig at Creationism thown in), "What We Need More of is Science" peels New Age kooks' caps back, and "UFT For The MC" is The Sex Pistols' "Anarchy In The UK" with new lyrics reflecting the Hawkman's quest for a Unified Field Theory. The real Stephen Hawking is aware of this project and has given it his blessing.

However, as with The Lords of the Rhymes (see yesterday's post), nerd cultural references are sometimes lost on me - it took me a few listens to realize that "QuakeMaster" refers to a video game.

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