Thursday, November 18, 2004


Robert Froehner is a Texan master of both the saw and the equally-eerie sounding theremin, as detailed on his site Yep, a saw, like you buy at the hardware store, but played with a violin bow (the smooth side, not the side you cut down trees with obviously). The theremin was invented by a Russian who's name happened to Theremin - boy, what are the odds? (*tap tap* Hello, is this thing on?) It's considered to be the first electronic instrument, and the only instrument of any kind that is played without being touched. One waves one's hands over antennas to play it, doesn't one? And one should listen to this beautiful (well, until the cheesy drum machine intrudes) sound sample as Mr. Froehner plays both instruments, first saw, then theremin, on this tune called "Going Home."

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adooma said...

Another musical saw player who also plays theremin you might want to check out is Natalia the Saw Lady:
Listen to her CD at