Wednesday, June 08, 2016


I've set up an Amazon store for all the stuff I do NOT post here, because it's in print. The favorites, the standards, the must-haves. Not just random stuff, but carefully curated for YOU, the discerning Maniac. If you buy something from our "aStore" (as they call them), you can rest assured that it is by one of the greats in our field, or at least this particular album has passed the test. Theoretically, you should be able to buy blindly, and know you're getting some good weirdness. The obvious stuff is largely covered: Beefheart, The Residents, The Shaggs...Bonzos, Spike Jones, Dr Demento...Sun Ra, Ornette, Cage, Negativland, People Like Us...Cab Calloway, Screamin' Jay Hawkins...Devo, Wall of Voodoo, Butthole Surfers...Carl Stalling, Raymond Scott, Mel Blanc...theremins, circus music, yodeling...George Formby, Ivor Cutler, music performed by children, and even by elephants: something to annoy everyone! New to strange music, and need to get caught up? Have holes in your collection that you've been meaning to fix? Now's never been a better time to buy! Now with 2 categories: one for CDs and DVDs, and one for mp3 downloads.
Now back up by request: "New Wave Covers For Oldies Lovers vol.3",  the crazy xylophone of Michael Eingorn, "The Wisdom of Solomon."
Dig this new outsider music show: "Derailroaded." The first episode features children musicians. (Which reminds me: Stinky Picnic have some new releases.)


Pierre said...

Ah, i know this situation, i hope you'll find a satisfying solution quickly! and thanks for keeping on posting inspiring stuff on your blog :)
Lately i've been into Butthole Surfer's dancer project Beme Seed that you already know maybe, she (Kathleen Lynch) seems to have had another one named Liiiving but almost couldn't find anything about this one.

Mr Fab said...

Thanks Pierre. I see that Beme Seed is out of print - not on Amazon - so actually that wold be a good blog post. Was a big fan of the Surfers, saw them (and Ms Lynch) many times.

Pierre said...

All their albums are on :)