Thursday, July 23, 2015

"Another Goddam DEATH Dedication"

R.I.P. Don Joyce of Negativland

The legendary sound collagist/radio mastermind/culture-jammer has joined Snuggles.

If you didn't download the "Helter Stupid" show that I posted last year, a bootleg with excellent right-off-the-mixing-board sound quality, now would be the time to check it out:

Negativland Live - "Helter Stupid Tour" 1989

Christianity is Stupid! This video is GOOD:


Plague said...



Anonymous said...

This guy!
Don was "Revolution #9" with a POINT!
He was "Lumpy Gravy"..... with a HEART!

I only hope I can get across how much being a Neg-lover changed my 'direction', as far as 'music-loving' goes.

Sadly, Vicki wasn't around for her show on WFMU... perhaps she's going to KPFA, to 'help out' in the 'tribute-ing' on "OTE"

This is Vince.....

Mr Fab said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Plague...

Vince: Vicki's previous episode of Do or DIY was a tribute to Joyce after he was admitted into the hospital in serious condition, so I guess she knew what was coming. Very good set, esp for Negativland newbies who would like to hear some more:

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Paul Trantow said...

Wild white girls that melt into nose cream. So great.