Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sounds Of The American Fast Food Restaurants

As a follow-up to last months' posting of Gregg Turkington's Sounds of San Francisco Adult Bookstores is the equally silly:

The Golding Institute-Sounds Of The American Fast Food Restaurants (1996)

17 minutes of barely discernible audio recorded "in the field" in a KFC, McDonalds, Jack in the Box, etc., tho Turkington's droll, incisive, funny narration is again the star of the show.

Narrator [Introduction By] – Golding Institute, The, Ryan Kerr

A2KFC (6th Avenue & Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA)
A3Jack In The Box (11th Avenue & Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA)
A4Taco Bell (Highway One, Pacifica, CA)
A5Nation's Giant Hamburger (Westlake Mall, Daly City, CA)
A6Subway (Skyline Plaza, Daly City, CA)
B1Hot Dog On A Stick (Stonestown Mall, San Fancisco, CA)
B2McDonald's (Stonestown Mall, San Francisco, CA)
B3Burger King (John Daly Boulevard, Daly City, CA)
B4Straw Hat Pizza (Westlake Mall, Daly City, CA)
B5Round Table Pizza (Oceana Boulevard, Pacifica, CA)


Emiliano Espinoza Espinosa said...

excellent contribution, thanks!

Unknown said...

"as the population slowly becomes crazier and crazier" haha priceless. That's exactly what makes drive-thru's popular!

Newton said...

Hi Mr Faber.

How can I download this item?

Thank you,

Newton, from Brazil

Mr Fab said...

Newton - click on the 2nd paragraph, the on that says
"The Golding Institute-Sounds Of The American Fast Food Restaurants (1996)", then click where it says DOWNLOAD NOW in the upper right hand side of the zippyshare page.

Konrad Useo said...

Thanks much. Your blog is one of the best.

Blank said...

This album seems amazing. I would have never knew this was even a thing, if not for stumbling upon it here. Your blog seems really cool because it doesn't just review the usual, run of the mill, albums.

Mr Fab said...

You are welcome as always, DJ Useo!
And yes Blank, that is indeed one of the founding concepts of this here web-log.