Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas 2001: A Space-Age Adventure

The "Space-Age Santa" collection from a couple Christmases ago featured a track "from a kiddie xian xmas album that I found in a thrift-shop called "Christmas 2001: A Space-Age Adventure"; I actually digitized the whole thing, but, believe me, you don't need to hear it." Well,apparently someone DID need to hear it cuz yesterday I got this comment: "I would do anything to hear "Christmas 2001: A Space-Age Adventure" again. My children's choir at church performed this in December of '79. You said you digitized it... Is it something I could hear?" 

You'd do ANYTHING, eh..?  *Makes diabolical face, rubs hands together* Mwa-ha-ha-haaa! Oh, all right, here it is:

Flo Price - Christmas 2001 A Space-Age Adventure


Anonymous said...

Mr. Fab, you have MORE than made my YEAR. My sister and I have been singing a song from this musical since, well, 1979, and you have found it for us. I cannot thank you enough. One person's musical garbage is the jackpot of nostalgia for another!!

Mr Fab said...

Well that's great, I'm happy to help.
"One person's musical garbage is the jackpot of nostalgia for another" - Hey, I think this blog has another motto!

Anonymous said...

5 stars on Amazon.

Mr Fab said...

I checked Amazon, you're quite right anon. But who wrote that funny description? "Santa and his flying reindeer kind of lend themselves to that sort of mind wandering."

A said...

Hi I'm new here and I fancied listening to this album but it's not on zippyfile anymore. Any chance you can re-upload it?

Thank you