Friday, June 13, 2014

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Delete your copy of "The Great Celebrity Sing Off"! Its compiler Mad Jon has sent us a new superior version, with the missing Burt Reynolds track restored, and higher quality copies of some of the more scratchy old rekkids. Download the remastered version here:

"The Great Celebrity Sing Off"
Had a re-post request for Gershon Kingsley's Moog synth versions of Gershwin classics, so here 'tis:
"Gershwin: Alive and Well and Underground"
An amazingly in-depth article on the singing hobo that we featured here a few years ago,   Marlin Wallace and his "Weird, Weird Music":  

"The Musical Journey of Marlin Wallace"

As the mp3 page appears to now be gone from Wallace's site, I've put up some mp3s on Divshare of a few of his classics, like "Thing From Another World." Scroll towards the bottom HERE.
Hoo, boy! Coming to the L.A. area this summer: Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra, Messer Chups, Omar Soulyman, Lee 'Scratch' Perry...not all on the same show, tho.


Anonymous said...

Hi there - hopefully Scratch does his Blackboard Jungle Dub show that I was very fortunate to see back in 09.


Mr Fab said...

Damn, that does sound sweet. Which reminds me - I've been meaning to compile a collection of Scratch's craziest songs. Now I just have to find the one he did where he accused the head of Island Records of being a vampire who killed Bob Marley.