Monday, September 16, 2013


I'm worried about zippyshare. It seemed to be working fine but I just had a request to re-post an album I had just re-upped in April. It had already "expired." Do I need to look for yet another hosting service?

Anyway, here it is again, the jazz-age harmonica novelty stylings of Borrah Minevitch and crew, as well as another request, for the EZ/creepy comp "Strange Interludes":

I heard an old Zappa interview recently (somewhere on youtube, don't remember what it was called). He was in New York for a spell, and he said how he wanted to find the Shaggs, and Borrah Minevitch and his Harmonica Rascals to appear on the bill with him.  Franks' love of the Shaggs is well-known, but I was startled to hear him mention Minevitch. I thought I had discovered him!  I should have known. Too bad that show never happened - how epic would that have been?


Anonymous said...

For a short biography of Borrah, visit

Slidewell said...

About Zippyshare:

yeah, they dump stuff if there's no downloads after (I think) 30 days.

Still, for a free service, it's the best. Fast, and no download limits!

It seems like a decent trade off, but I'm sure re-ups can get you down. Thanks for all the great music!

Mr Fab said...

Hmm, thanks Slidewell, guess I'll stick with it for now, as there doesn't seem to be a better alternative.

dave said...

Oh man. I love this. I'm...yeah I'm addicted to this guys songs.