Friday, June 24, 2011

MusicForManiacs Guest DJs On "Stray Pop"

Stella has been hosting the show "Stray Pop" on Los Angeles' KXLU for over 30 years, and has interviewed a who's-who of punk/alt rock royalty. So for my appearance last year, I brought up a passel of punk-related weirdness, e.g. lounge-y, and foreign/ethnic covers of punk classics, punk songs performed by children, animals "singing" death metal, and, yes, a song from "Pink Panther Punk" (an album I got from Way Out Junk). 75 minutes of such nonsense!

I had written out the whole playlist, with links, but Blogger "experienced technical diffic
ulties" and I lost the whole damn post. I just can't write it all over again, I really can't. *sob* If, whilst listening, you don't quite catch my back-announcing and want more info on something I played, feel free to leave a comment (*shakes fist at sky*)

Mr Fab on Stray Pop

This happened back in August of last year, but took so long for me to post here cuz I had to wait to get a tape of the show from Stella and edit it 'n' stuff. Yes, a tape. Expect hiss and all that good stuff.


Timmy said...

Hey, Dear Mr. Fab... Can you ask Stella if she remembers or ever heard of a couple of DJ's that used to be on KUSC/FM, circa 1970, called Stein & Isles?
Thank you.

Idem said...

Nice little mix.

Anonymous said...

That wench Stella should start to digitize all those kool radio shows from over the years, and post them on the "Internets". Ya know, we aint getin' any younger!

Mr Fab said...

There is indeed a treasure trove of historical (hysterical?) material, but she fears the wrath of the university that hosts the station - they've already made another dj take off his show's podcast for some misguided legal reasons.