Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FORBIDDEN 45s!! (windbag edition)

Last year, Otis Fodder asked me to put together a guest-dj mix for his late, lamented radio show Friendly Persuasion. I decided to go thru my boxes of (mostly) old 7 inch records and put together a thing called FORBIDDEN 45s!! And since Our Man in Salt Lake City, windbag (who has shared so much awesomeness with us before) sent us a mind-boggling assortment of 7" platters, I'm calling this:

FORBIDDEN 45s!! (windbag edition)

So much here to warm the heart of any Maniac: song-poems, disco atrocities, singing children, singing animals, exercise records, rap novelties, hillbillies, more song poems, angry Chipmunks, Jane Fonda talking dirty, and an enchanted one-man polka puppet-show orchestra.
1. Bobbi Blake - Rock Rock Beat (Ms. Blake was one of the most-recorded singers of the MSR song-poem factory; this "rocker" boasts such money-well-spent lines as "you're nobody's patsy/so hop in a taxi")
2. Luigi's World's Largest One Man Band - Anaconda Polka (major, major discovery here, folks - the only thing I can find about this guy is from this book about the bars of Montana; read that link and be amazed; anyone else got anything on this guy?)
3. Susan Carroll Presents - Waistline and Tummy Exercises (from an ep calle
d "Milady, Your Figure!")
4. Dick Kent - Smiling Farmer-The President (this bewildering ode to Jimmy Carter is one of the best song-poems EVER; to quote Rudy Ray Moore, "I ain't lyin'!")
5. The Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries - Pizzicato Polka (real live
birdies tweating along with peppy organ and xylophone)
6. Major Bill Smith with Zane and Hogan - Freddy The Disco Frog (minimal-synth disco novelty: Suicide meets Rick Dees?! Oh, and Major Bill Smith was a successful record producer in the early '60s who later claimed that Elvis was alive and he had a recent taped conversation to prove it)
7. Ira Cook - Wh
at Is A Girl? (this 1958 side spends more time complaining about little girls than speaking their praises)
8. Klute - Special Exploitation Lobby Record featuring Jane Fonda Dialogue
The Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries - Humoresque
10. Bill Nettles and His Dixie Blue Boys - God Bless My Darling He's Somewhere (In Viet Nam) (I'm assuming that this craggy-voiced country singer is calling his SON "darling"...uh, right?
Susan Carroll Presents - Thigh and Can-Can Exercise
12. Dick Kent - Cozy Doe (another most-unrockin' rock-n-roll song-poem: "Come on jive, get alive/'cause the clock is at five")
Luigi's World's Largest One Man Band - Billings Polka
14. Fred Carson - This Is Not The Time To Cry (This song-poem's author worries about crime, and wants guys to act like real men. Or something like that.)
The Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries - Mexican Dance
16. The Curbstones - Scrumpdillyishus Land
17. Dick Kent - She Thumbed A Ride
18. The Chipmunks - I Ain't No Dang Cartoon
(the b-side to their version of "Achy-Breaky Heart" that was the hidden "bonus" track on a previous windbag comp "Songs of the Sewer;" Alvin sounds rather cranky and defensive here)
19. Ira Cook - What Is A Boy
The Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries - Beautiful Blue Danube
21. Gene Marshall - Not Owned (Hey, it's Gene Marshall! The guys who sang all those Richard Nixon song-poems! This isn't one of 'em.)
22. Susan Carroll Presents - Duck Walk and Leg Exercise
23. Fat Boys w/Chubby Checker - The Twist (Yo Twist) (This hip-hop novelty actually made it to #16 on the US charts)

24. Zane and Hogan - Studio 54 (This disco instrumental, the b-side to "
Freddy The Disco Frog," is a complete spazz-attack.)
25. Bobbi Blake - Who Played House With You? (weird sci-fi keyboard so
unds on this song-poem)
26. Bill Nettles and His Dixie Blue Boys - Got A Lot Of Lovin' To Do (this
almost-rockbilly toe-tappin' flip of "God Bless My Darling" is impressively energetic considering that he died shortly after recording it.)
The Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canaries - An Artists Life
28. Harry Brooks - False Words and False Kisses (another song-poem)

Needless to say, another great big thankyoooo to windy.


uglyradio said...

Thanks for sharing that! It's a shame about Otis' show, but it's had a good run and I'm sure he's now got the time to completely blow us away with something cool!

I'm really loving 7" records right now. While I think most long players have been picked clean by hipsters (shakes fist at RE-Search Pubs), I've been having a ball going through the 45 bins.

egonegon said...

I just fall on this blog and I would like to thank you so much, it's a real goldmine!!! here in France it's not so easy to find these kind of musical treasures and it's a real pleasure...bravo!

Anonymous said...

.Mr Fab said...

Thanks guys, and egonegon, these records are so obscure that it's not so easy to find them in America either!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I got most of them looking through my Reno pal's 25,000 spare outright junk pile 45s. Must've seen something like 30 copies of Captain & Tennille's "Tahoe Snow" vanity 45s and picture sleeves, all of them unplayed, multiple copies of Stone Poneys Capitol 45s with picture sleeves, Human Beinz 45s with pic sleeves, and all the boxes by alphabet "A" artists, then "B" artists, through the alphabet. He showed me some of his finds, like Vogue picture records, a blue shellac 1933 Benny Goodman 78 which was Billie Holiday's first recording, a couple unplayed "Boogie Woody"/"Spirit of America" promo 45s in DJ stamped sleeves, Merle Haggard's first mythical Tally 45, some great stuff. Windbag

.Mr Fab said...

my GAWD, windy, tell this guy to put me in his will pleeeze!

Dirk Bill said...

I'll always regret not taking the hundreds and hundreds of 45s they threw away at work. Of course, keeping them probably would have meant throwing away my marriage. I have completely exhausted 1 and a half other sites of 45s and I can't get enough! Unfortunately I can't get these because of a dead link. Please? I know, I'ma pita...

Anonymous said...

Man, this is mega awesome. I especially enjoyed the song poems and birdie tunes, but pretty much everything here did the trick I think. I amass these type of objects myself and one day I hope to have the technology to contribute a comp of my own.


Mr Fab said...

That's be great Nathan, let us know if you ever do put such a comp together.

Anonymous said...

I have a signed 45 of Luigis worlds largest one man band. Annaconda polka.