Thursday, October 14, 2010


If 15 hours of Ergo Phizmiz's "Faust Cycle" still wasn't enough, and you've been seeking out even more eccentric British humor and surreal storytelling mixed with sample-based experimental music, look no further! Series One of

the Frunt Room

show is now up in it's 6-episode (roughly 2 hours) entirety. Members of long-time M4M faves Pilchard and The Who Boys are the humans behind these ongoing madcap misadventures of a robot-like couple. Episodes 3 & 4 are particularly hilarious.

Musically, expect an entertaining mix of '60s e-z kitsch, modern beatz, and oddballs of the Zappa/Residents variety.

Brent Wilcox w
as an early radio hero of mine. His KCRW show "F.R.G.K." ("Funny Rock God Knows") was as fearlessly weird as any I've heard. And he's finally put his own music on-line. The standout stuff for me is the two-part (roughly 38 minutes) "Pops Science Story," which was originally released on cassette in 1987.

It tells a mind-meltingly strange and funny story that could make for an especially freaky episode of "Fringe." Wilcox's musical backing is a low-techno stew of tape-loops and Casios and drum machines pushed to their limits. Brian Eno, no less, praised it.

The "Pops" Science Story - Part One (1987) by Brent Wilcox
The "Pops" Science Story - Part Two (1987) by Brent Wilcox


J-Unit 1 said...

This sounds super interesting. I hope the tracks are available again later.

J-Unit 1 said...

Wow...Tesla Uncoils (from the Wilcox site) is amazing. Thanks Fab. [I hope the "Pops" Science Stories become available again soon. They sounded interesting.

Mr Fab said...

Hmmm...just tried 'em and they work for me...

Brent Wilcox said...

Thank you. I famous now.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Brent Wilcox. You will be missed.

Sarah said...

Brent, you are famous. I hope to make Pop Science available again. I have always loved Wanda and Jason, and, of course, Pop