Thursday, October 07, 2010

A 26-Second Long CD

The Everyday Film is the Jandek of electronica: secretive, musically unique and disturbing, and completely in his own universe. I don't even know where he (they?) are from anymore - every package I get from 'em seems to have a different return-address. And the most recent CD is 26 second long. Yep, he went to the bother of making a cd, packaging it, mailing it...all that work for 26 seconds. Top that, Jandek!

The track makes up for it's short length in sheer shock value. As usual, vocals are so distorted it's hard to tell what's happening, but apparently he's in surgery: "That's me on the table."

The Everyday Film: "Multiple Women" -
It's a sneak-preview of a forthcoming album.

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Frunt Room said...

hey Mister ! - your site just keeps getting better and better,its one of the few music blogs that i actually visit and definitley one of the most interesting in terms of fnding odd sounds - I've downloaded a bit of 'everyday film' and will do my best not to nick a bit ! - cheers from all at Frunt Room.