Friday, July 02, 2010

Your Fourth of July/Summer Holiday Musical Needs SORTED

Lately, we've been hittin' you all with black, kiddie Christian, and even Portuguese surf-y beach party action, as well as a strange experimental take on Hawaiiana. Well, refresh that umbrella-drink because the tiki gods have graced us with more sweet summer sounds:

The Waitiki 7 have just dropped "The News Sounds of Exotica," the second album for these Hawaiians, and while it tips it's hat to the original '50s/'60s masters, it throws in twists like a Tito Puente-esque Latin-jazz take on the old showtune/exotica standard "Bali Hai," complete with furious cowbell/timbale soloing. And their version of
Martin Denny/Les Baxter's "Tiki" is so damn funky, don't be surprised if rapping Islanders sample it. But this track, another Denny remake, features the son of Denny sideman Augie Colon (exotica royalty!) indulging in that venerable tiki tradition of otherwise-sensible grown men making crazy tropical bird call sound effects:

The Waitiki 7: "Similau"

Bossa N' Ramones is an EZ/Latin/lounge album of Ramones remakes, which is a pretty retarded concept right
there, but it's made even more surreal by the guest vocals of a clueless Angela Bowie (yup, David's ex), and a chilled Cherie Currie of the Runaways. Goes nicely with the Ramones for Caribbean steel drums album we wrote about here.

Bossa N' Ramones: "Blitzkrieg Bop" - Are these lyrics correct?

The Voodoo Trombone Quartet's second full-length "Again" serves up more big beat goodness in the style of '60s soundtrack/lounge/ska: "Do It Your Own Way"

And just when I thought it couldn't get any more silly then a jazz-pop concept album about hot dogs, comes this:
"Your recent post titled "Hot Dog Rock" inspired me to dig
out the as of yet (and likely never) to be released e.p. by
my old band, KOBAYASHI. We named ourselves after the
(then reigning) Hot Dog Eating Champ, Takeru Kobayashi.
Our drummer had a giant cartoon hot dog painted on his
kick-drum. We played a few shows in and around Boston and even went out
to Coney Island on July 4th to see the champ compete. I think that was 2002...
Eventually, the band dissolved and Kobayashi the man was ousted from his throne by an
American, of all people, Joey Chestnut...we were a 3-piece: guitar/bass/drums w/assorted
noise-making devices. Circa 2001 - 2003." Musically, they play an entertaining blend of
Sabbath sludge and screaming Iggy-like vocals. With lyrics about wiener-eating champions.

Kobayashi: "Kobayashi"

LoungeClash "The Mysterious Island Dub" - Exotica! Theremin! Dub riddims! From a
British group featuring former members of TransGlobal Underground and Loop
Guru. From their album "Dread Time Story."


roc said...

Blitzkrieg Bop lyrics sound right to me. 'cept for whatever the crap in Latin at the end. They even got the "hey ho" right. Sounds kinda nice.

cunning linguist said...

What a fine, eclectic assortment. Thank you!

Mr Fab said...

Thanks roc, maybe I've been mis-hearing it all these years. And yes, it's a strangely pleasant album.

And you're welcome, you Punning Linguist you.

DJ Useo said...

an awesome post here.such fine variety.many thanks.