Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Some really, really bad songs featuring politicians singing, rapping, playing instruments, or song writing... some really, really funny songs about (or, better yet, sampling the voices of) politicians...and Bill Clinton's brother...

We go from America to the UK, Australia, Austria, Afghanistan...All posted here over the years, all knocked off-line in my Great Computer Meltdown of 2010, all thrown into one zip folder so I don't have to re-up 'em all one by one.


1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - It's Raining Men
2. Bill Clinton - Summertime

3. BudtheWeiser - Blair Drinks A Rockit

4. Burka Band - Burka Blue

5. FEMA - For Kidz Rap

6. George W Bush Singers - Embetterment Ingrinable

7. Winston Churchill and the Band from the Future - Lift Up Your Hearts
8. HC Strache - Oesterreich Zuerst

9. John Ashcroft - Let The Eagle Soar
10. Larry Shannon Hargrove - Leave Bill Clinton Alone

11. Orrin Hatch - The Country of the Free

12. Phil Kline - Rumsfeld Song

13. RIAA - Wake Me Up When Sept 11 Ends

14. Roger Clinton - Brother Brother

15. rx - dick is a killer

16. rx - imagine a walk on the wild side

17. Gene Marshall - God Bless Richard Nixon [song-poems]
18. Gene Marshall - Hail The Chief

19. Gene Marshall - President Richard Nixon

20. Gene Marshall - Richard Nixon In '76
21. Gene Marshall - The Great Richard Nixon

22. Wax Audio - You Better Run You Better Take Cover

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flotser said...

three thumbs up for wake me up when september 11 ends!