Monday, January 26, 2009


Jim "Supersaw" Leonard has a fantastic new collection of songs recorded in the late '70s/early '80s that originally appeared on cassettes sold at folk music festivals. I'm sure many of you have heard saw music before, but not like this - Leonard's innovative technique, allowing him to play a quick succession of notes (as opposed to the saw's usual theremin-ish drones) creates a wibbly-wobbly sound that really does my head in. Makes me feel like I'm hallucinating! A whole album of this could drive lesser men mad.

The album, which consists mainly of early 20th century hits (Berlin, Gershwin, etc) and a few hymns, is a Japanese import, which means that a) it sounds great, and b) the 16 page booklet is written entirely in Japanese. Good pictures, tho. It's available from his website, some shops (I got mine at Amoeba Hollywood) and thru Aquarius Records.
Here's his demented take on an old Latin standard:

Jim Leonard: Tico Tico

Jim Leonard lives in a small, remote California desert town, and apart from still playing and teaching the saw, pursues other interests: amateur radio, and astronomy.

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Rebeca said...

Yes, I heard lot of saw music before, these are really mind blowing.