Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Now here's a dandy way to kick off the new year. Katya Oddio, who has already done so much for the internet music world with her Oddio Overplay site, has started a new children's music 'net-label:


Four releases for free download consumption are now up, including the thoroughly enjoyable various artists comp "Silly Songs," from whence comes this short 'n' sweet number by the accurately named Kazoo Funk Orchestra:

Kazoo Funk Orchestra - The Jagables

Also featured: The Bran Flake's kids-record sample breakbeat grooviness, and, on a seperate release, a collection of century-old ragtime piano rolls. Much of the music is instrumental, though of a decidedly bent nature, e.g. the zany electro of A Smile for Timbuctu should warm the tummy of any Jean-Jacques Perrey fan. Do kids even like instrumentals? Or is this like Twink The Toy Piano Band - child-like entertainment for grown-ups? (Although the booger song should go over well with the tots - I know I would have loved it.)

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