Saturday, May 10, 2008


Following this post from a couple of months ago about Caninus, the metal band with two actual dogs for lead "singers," I received some comments suggesting that I check out Hatebeak, a similar band in that they feature a bird on lead vocals. Y'all were right: Hatebeak ROCK. Waldo (the "singer") has the perfect death-metal growl. It's, well, positively inhuman.

The band has a sense of humor, too - many of the titles are puns that metal fans will pick up on e.g.: "Hell Bent For Feathers." Or this one, a play on Carcass' "Reeks of Putrefaction":

Hatebeak "Beak of Putrefaction"

Elsewhere in the metal world
, I've been diggin' this new album by Finnish all-cello (!) headbangers, Apocalyptica. Yep, no guitars were used for this instrumental shredder:

Apocalyptica "Burn"

Their latest is entitled "World's Collide," an
appropriate name considering their classical vs. metal approach. Which reminds me of the metal-goes-classical of Estonia's Rondellus. Back in 2002 they released an album's worth of Black Sabbath covers ("Sabbatum") performed in medieval and Renaissance music styles, complete with lyrics translated to Latin. It's all quite lovely, played on things like lutes and harps, and makes Sabbath sound positively civilized. Holy, even.

Rondellus "Verres Militares (War Pigs)"


Adam said...

Thanks! Already know Apocalyptica, but had never heard of Rondellus until now. Buying their cd momentarily!

Anonymous said...

hey and greetings from estonia.
it's nice to read about estonian bands, doesn't happen very often.

Jukeboxmafia said...

I love the Rondellus track. Very cool...

coost said...

here Coost in Berlin ....slowly scrawling thru via Learning2share ...great tunes here! this one is the one thats brought me out into the open on yer blog... best regards C.