Sunday, May 04, 2008


To note the recent passing of Dr. Albert Hoffman, the Father of LSD, here's a few amusing curios mainly from (when else?) the 1960s.

Circle Of Tyrants: Acid - The Story Of L.S.D. - Dialogue and garage rock from an educational filmstrip

Wendell Austin: LSD - thanks to a reader (Martin, I think?) who sent me this country toe-tapper a while ago

Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: L.S. Bumblebee - from two giants of British comedy

Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2: I Wanna Come Back (from the World of LSD) - another garage rocker

Vic Caesar: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Lounge swinger from a cat who worked the West Coast casino scene, including (but of course) Caesar's Palace; he also wrote a groovy campaign song for Nixon that was released on Capital Records.

Pineapples from the Dawn of Time: Too Much Acid - '80s punky piss-take, from a 7"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this amazing blog!.
To add... pretty thing´s

Mr Fab said...

Excellent, thanks for the clip. Ah yes, The Pretty Things, from an era in English rock I never explored enough, along with the Faces, Deviants, Pink Faeries. Hope to get to 'em eventually (I did dip into Hawkwind a bit.)

DJHDD said...

Circle Of Tyrants did that acid track. Thanks. My Mp3 tag had unknown 60;s band as the artist. Nice to see another Hofmann tribute. Must fix up the tracklist on my own site now:

Mr Fab said...

Any time! I strongly recommend that all Maniacs proceed to DJ HDD's site and check out his LSD megamix, and the others done by DJ Food and Celebrity Murder Party (and not just because I contributed material to the CMP one!) Delightfully brainwarping. Educational, too.

Steve Terrell said...

The "World of LSD" guys, Fi Fi Four Plus 2, have a MySpace page

Mr Fab said...

Thanks swt, for tha link - "Double Crossing Girl" the b side to "World of LSD" is really good, maybe better then the a -aside.

Seth said...

Angry Samoans -STP not LSD