Thursday, June 29, 2006


You are all hereby directed to meet me this Sat. night July 1 at BootieLA in Los Angeles. It's the first anniversary of the all-mashup club, one of the few legal (for now) outlets of illegal music. No matter how controversial other forms of music have been, they've rarely been illegal (except for the 2 Live Crew). Hey, it's like the good old days of Communism! Remember the illicit thrill of listening to that smuggled-in Beatles album?

To celebrate, they've got alot lined up, such as drag-queen Princess Kennedy singing Kelis' "Milkshake" while handing out real milkshakes. And Smash-up Derby , America's only live mash-up band, will be playing a set. They have mp3s on their site, but of course they can't quite adequately convey lead singer (and Bootie dj) Adrian's glam persona.

Smash-up Derby: Talking Franz - The Head's "Burning Down The House" sounds great when sung over Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out"

So go. You can tell your astonished friends, "I drank a drag-queen's milkshake."


neminem said...


I was complaining over on OCR just earlier today that I would really like to see Smash-Up Derby sometime... note that I live in Santa Cruz (i.e. reasonably close to San Francisco), but spend most of the year in Claremont (i.e. reasonably close to LA).

I'm in Claremont all summer, too, working. Except that weekend, when I'm back home. The sadness should be obvious.

I want to go so badly! Course I also don't have a car, so it'd be nontrivial getting to BootieLA *anyway*... but still. I might've been able to figure out a way.

Mr Fab said...

Take a plane! Or train! Or both!

And by an odd coinkydink neminem I was just listening to 2 of your tunes ("Models Like to Move it" and "Yeah! It's Mario 2"). Kinda freaked me out when I checked my mail and there you were.