Saturday, June 10, 2006


Music Video For Maniacs: David Lee Roth performed a bluegrass version of his old band Van Halen's '80s hit "Jump" on the "Tonight" show recently. I don't know why.

David Lee Roth "Jump."

His sense of pitch is all over the map, his radio show was cancelled, he was considering quitting music to work as a paramedic. Watching his continued attempts to maintain a show-biz career should be fascinating, in that car-wreck sorta way.


MilkMaid said...

I just caught this on The View, he sounded like CRAP! WTF?

Brenda said...

he is just trying to copy hayseed dixie, who does rock music to bluegrass style music. like they do acdc to bluegrass style. they kind of suck too. they ruin bluegrass. and ruin rock.

tismselfstorage said...

Also, he looks like Carson Kressley in that video.