Tuesday, February 21, 2006


February is Black History Month. And what better way to celebrate then with some more song-poems? Dick Kent sung many song-poem "classics" like the surreal masterpiece "Octopus Woman Please Let Me Go." But here he dons blackface (figuratively speaking) to give a little soul pride to his, ahem, "brothers":

Dick Kent "On Blackness" - Hey, if a song-poem company didn't have any black singers, what are ya gonna do?

Bonnie Graham "He's My Chocolate Baby" - Features the kind of surprising twist that no mainstream performer would have been able to get away with in the '60s.

Thanks to the tipster who pointed out this song-poem mp3-fest here.


Billy Sugarfix said...

Awesome post! I loved listening to the songs. Check out my site if you get a chance.

Song A Day

Stuart Shea said...

Those are both fantastic songs...do you know Barbara Foster's "Black Man"? Another s-p classic...