Monday, February 13, 2006


UPDATE 1/12/12 - Now back up online.

Mr Fab's
"VD (Valentines Day) Mix":

A 30 min. narrative mix of '50s spoken word + music records. Featuring Nat King Cole, Ken Nordine, Rod McKuen, Jack Webb, Laurence Harvey, The Shangri-Las, Sal Mineo, Sinatra, and some surreal thrift-store records you haven't heard of.

Don't give 'em flowers and candy again, give 'em VD!

Mr Fab's "VD Mix", that is!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love this!

Anonymous said...

busted link :(

Mr Fab said...

Sorry, anon, wont be able to get the mix up til I get a new computer. Which will hopefully be soon...hopefully...