Sunday, January 22, 2006


Don't be alarmed: Shrimp Attack is simply the name of a Stuart Hyatt's music and visual art project in collaboration with developmentally disabled youngsters from Florida's Eckerd College Ransom Arts Center. As many as fifty people are part of this collective - artists and musicians as well as the students, who write and sing their own lyrics, which range from the positive ("I'm Okay") to the Halloween-worthy "House of Dead Bodies." Unlike other similar projects like The Kids of Widney High or the How's Your News gang, the "special music" from these "special kids" is, well, more musical, with the vox/lyrics almost taking a backseat to the tunes. Which, as in the case of today's mp3, are very tuneful indeed:

Shrimp Attack: "Good"


Anonymous said...

I really love this track. Any way I could get hold of the rest of the album?

Mr Fab said...

It should be available thru TEAM Records : PO Box 30264 Indianapolis IN 46230

Doug said...

Rumor has it that Stu is remixing the album. I'm not sure when or if he is making it available.

I love the I'm OK track. The sample does not do it any justice.

Doug said...

From Stu:

Shrimp Attack -New release coming soon this winter
Shrimp Attack will finally be re-released by innova recordings ( this winter. The album has been re-mixed, mastered, and comes in a limited-edition handmade package featuring new drawings, text, and photographs from the original recording sessions at Creative Clay in Florida.
Look for an official release date after the new year.
Learn more about the project here: