Monday, November 28, 2005


I planned on posting this song back when the Pope died, but couldn't find it in my collection. By the time I did find it, the moment had passed, but since I got a request for it over the weekend, here is David Peel and the Lower East Side's 1972 hippie novelty classic, the title song from an album that was reissued on CD briefly but has apparently fallen out of print again:

David Peel and the Lower East Side: "The Pope Smokes Dope" - featuring backing and production from John Lennon, released on Apple records, following an Elektra Records release, "Have A Marijuana" that was supposedly recorded live on a New York City street corner.

After this brush with major labels, Peel put out his own albums. According to his un-updated website, he planned on releasing a 16-cd box set (!) in 2003. Did this actually come out?

UPDATE: Not only did it come out, he recently released a new 15-CD set!
Thanks to Adam J. and Scott S.


Adam Javurek said...

David Peel - Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw (16 CD Box Set)
Release Date: 4 Jul 2005

Mr Fab said...

Ah, thanks Adam - looks like it did come England. Start saving your pounds...

The second link,, is simply a Greatful Dead fan site, not retail, but they list all the song titles for all 16 disks - quite interesting & amusing.

Adam J. said...

"Start saving your pounds..."
- or "czech koruna" (in my case). ;-)

Scott Soriano said...

Mr Fab - Not only did he release a 16 disc set, he followed it up with a 15 disc set!!! Only $172!

Anonymous said...

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