Thursday, November 24, 2005


...on this Thanksgiving Day (an American holiday that involves eating and watching football) for singing athlete records like "NFL Country," an album of country-music stars/football players duets. Just what the world needs!

Waylon Jennings (did he need the money that bad?) croons with Troy Aikman, Bill Bates, Dale Hellestrae and coach Joe Avezzano: "The Good Old Dallas Cowboys"

"NFL Country," which also features Glen Campbell with Terry Bradshaw, and songs with titles like "Four Scores and Seven Beers Ago," can be had used for ONE CENT on Amazon. Again, something we should be thankful for.

I'm off for the holiday, see y'all next week.


idigworms said...

...and that is why football players should stick to their day jobs...whatever that is! Haw, haw! Happy Tee Giving!

stackridge said...

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all in the USA from the UK. Have a happy holiday and come back with some more great tracks

dolf said...

Reaching out from ANAblog. We're up to a lot of the same thing - check us out at

I just linked to your great blog today.

Can't get your atom feed to work.