Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I had one of those "awwww, that's too bad" moments the other day when I heard about the death of Don Adams. Growing up, I loved watching him play the bumbling spy Maxwell Smart, a character he played off and on in movies and tv shows for several decades. But Adams was more than Smart - he had a very succesful comedy and stand-up career before "Get Smart," recording albums like "Don Adams Meets The Roving Reporter."

Don Adams: "The Finkston Trio" - would you believe...a funny, strange parody of early Sixties musical styles like folk, doo-wop and "Monster-Mash"-type Halloween novelties, all rolled into one.


idigworms said...

Would you believe...this is the SECOND greatest Don Adams post I've ever seen?! (That's an in-joke.) Great MP3! Esp. after watching the Bob Dylan bio on PBS! Many thanks! Exclamation point!

• B E N B E N E K • said...

Dylan-inspired garage band Mouse and the Traps did a song called "Would You Believe" - - cashing-in (somewhat) on the crazy WOULD-YOU-BELIEVE craze that swept teenage America after the debut of "Get Smart" - - it's popped-up on one or two of their compilations

Adams definitely had a great voice and took good advantage of it

Barbara Feldon is still heard everywhere
doing her class-act voice-overs on radio and TV

Imagine two people with such great voices on the same show?

Ed Platt, now he's a whole other story...

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Mr Fab said...

Yep, idigworms has a great post about Adams, including one of my fave Lee Scratch Perry tunes, "Inspector Gadget." Nice to hear that again.

Mouse and the Traps, eh? ("Nuggets" memories.) I've GOT to track that one down.