Thursday, May 26, 2005

More Vegetable Music

Last year we covered the First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra, which prompted a reader (thank you, whoever you are) to point me towards The Wyld Men, who also make music out of vegetables. The Viennese are a serious group of European artistes whose sounds are inspired by abstract electronica - quite a contrast to these wacky theatrical American folkies, who are prone to wearing loincloths and playing in mud. Apart from fashioning flutes and whistles out of carrots and yams, they are also the creators of the "Slide-Potato" and The Whiskey-in-the-jar-phone: "( a slide wistle with the plunger removed, which is then submerged in a jar of whiskey. The pitch is controlled hydraulically--alcohaulically?-- by moving the jar of whiskey). This instrument, of course, accompanies the song "Whiskey in the Jar ".

Listen to "Rutabega Blues"

from the album "Veggie Music"

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Amon said...

Hey, this is crazy, how did you discover this? Vegetables... You are just great guys! I hear after the concert, there is soup made of the instruments?? Plan to cross to Africa, Kenya and bring the concert. I wil love to see you in action.