Tuesday, May 10, 2005


If MTV wanted to get real with it's mash-up show, it might grow some cajones, drop the LinkinPark/Jay-Z jive, and show Cartel Communique videos.

Cartel Communique, in collaboration with sonic prankster Osymyso, have been making outrageous satirical video collages for over 3 years, and now they finally have a website. Pop music, pop culture, the British royal family and politicians are the favorite targets of their clever found-sound/video editing/mixing skills and devilish humor. Watch & listen:

"Rockafeller Reg" - A new twist on Fatboy Slim's "Right about now the funk soul brother" song

"Bushwacked" - What the President meant to say was...

"Fly Me To New York" - You will gasp in astonishment at what they've made Frank Sinatra do. A milestone in tasteless humor.

Ah, wouldn't it be nice to turn on your tv and see stuff like this instead of more inane sitcoms, cheezy movies, or idiots yelling at each on the Fox "News" network? "And the Emmy for best tv commercial cut-up goes to..."

UPDATE 2/07: New Site


Ben Cotsteelin said...

I think the music to "Fly Me To New York" was by Cassetteboy in this instance, not osymyso.

Mr Fab said...

Noted. Cassetteboy have a fine new album out btw - will try to review it here soon.

cartelmike said...

it was indeed sanctioned by the wonderful cassetteboys.
Thanks for the lovely review !