Friday, March 18, 2005


The American media feeding frenzy over the murder trial of actor Robert Blake might finally be waning since the not-guilty verdict was handed in a couple of days ago, but in a shocking act of necrophilia (to quote his website): "Juror number eleven, Roberto Emerick, decided to express his feelings the only way he knows how - through music, and here it is: Judgment day is a six song CD based on the murder trial of Robert Blake, the star of Barreta and the Little Rascals who was accused of killing his wife Bonnie Lee Bakely"

Taken in total, the six lo-fi mp3s create a rock-opera like effect (paging Andrew Lloyd Weber), with some songs told from Blake's point of view, like "Rosie," expressing Blake's love for the daughter he and Blakey had. I think the acusatory "Nurse Nancy" has something to do with the baby's nanny. But "Opening Statement", which sums up both the prosecution's and the defense's arguments, is not only "Judgement Day" in a nutshell, it's also quite simply one of the strangest footnotes in American legal history.

Apparently the law forbids jurors making a profit from their service for at least 90 days, and after this period a CD featuring good sound-quality version of these songs will be released. Betcha can't wait.

PS: Mrs Fab, our friends, and I often dine at the scene of the crime, Vitello's Restaurant (it's just up the street from us), where Blake often ate. In fact there's a dish named after him still on the menu. Now that's he's free, does this mean we'll be seeing him there?

I'm scared.

Hold me!

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Mr Fab said...

Mrs Fab called a local talk-radio show that was featuring Emerick to scold him in person: "What you're doing is WRONG!"