Tuesday, March 15, 2005


The Scala Choir is a Belgian girl's chorale led by two brothers: Steven and Stijn Kolacny. One provides piano accompaniment and the other conducts. But, for undetermined reasons, they've released two albums (not released in the US unfortnately) of unlikely pop covers. "Smells Like Teen Spirit," Radiohead's "Creep," Lou Reed, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nine Inch Nails all get the classical vocal choir treatment. And then there's The Divinyls' ode to female self-satisfaction, "I Touch Myself." How old are these girls, and how great is their command of the English language? Do their mothers know what they're singing?

Definitely better than "The Vienna Boy's Choir Goes Pop" album, even if the the Boys did cover Metallica.


randywarhol said...

oh not scala they are the most annoying invention of mankind... AAAH you soon get bored of this and then it will bore you to your grave!

Mr Fab said...

He he, well they're unknown to most Americans. Wonder what they look like...?

Hellbound Alleee said...

Here they are:

I'm seeing about 5th-8th graders here. But, there's nothing garmful in singing about masturbation, so, I guess there's nothing to react to.

Mr Fab said...

Hey, thanks for the link. Yeah they look young alright. So do they have any idea what they're singing about?

Perhaps. Kids grow up so darn fast nowadays...

DDay said...

Love your site!
Being Belgian myself, Scala is not so strange over here, unfortunately. Nice concept when they started out, but they've been milking it too long now. If I remember correctly, the girls are about 16-18 and by the time they sang it, they were well aware of the lyrics :-P

Anyway, their 'official' site is http://www.kolacny.com/