Monday, January 25, 2016


Back in 2007, I posted a rip-roaring "Rubber Duckie" as part of my "Disco Sickness" collection I put together for Otis Fodder's 365 Project and WFMU. I never got around to digitizing the entire album, but a swell Maniac did, throwing in another album to boot. Brian, a contributor from the Growing Bored For A Living blog, sez:

Hello, all. A few years back when I started browsing blogs, I came across this glorious pile of music known as Music For Maniacs. I've gotten many great things from this blog, and was always looking for something strange I could contribute here. Well, I found it...

In 1978 and '79, to capitalize on the disco craze, Sesame Street released two albums: Sesame Street Fever and Sesame Street Disco. Fever even had the participation of Robin Gibb (on the title track and on "Trash"), due to the input of his children, who were Sesame fans. Some songs even made the show, most notably the gonzo booty-shaker "Me Lost Me Cookie At the Disco", off of Sesame Disco. And this isn't a hack job either: there's some real pros playing in the studio - the music is flawless.

File includes both albums, put together under the title Sesame Street Ultimate Disco Party. Also includes artwork. Audio files were ripped from quality YouTube vids; that's why one track has an outro by the YouTube poster. They all sound great, though. Add this one to your pile of disco madness, right next to Ethel Merman...though this one is far better. Enjoy!
01 Sesame Street Fever
02 Doin' The Pigeon
03 Rubber Duckie
04 Trash (w/Robin Gibb)
05 C Is For Cookie
06 Has Anybody Seen My Dog
07 What Makes Music
08 Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco
09 The Happiest Street In the World
10 Sing
11 Disco Frog
12 Doin' The Trash
13 Bein' Green
14 The Happiest Street In the World

Muppets + ridiculous hi-NRG '70s disco = party. Now kids, what do we say when someone gives us a present? Thaaaank yooooou, Brian!


Pierre said...

I used to listen to a 70s mexican ex-dentist singer called Cepillin (little brush) when i was a little kid.
We had an LP including a cover of staying alive
seems he did some other disco covers
His voice is particular...

Muff Diver said...

This is hilarious, and a sure fire seller at the same time. Who wouldn't love to own a copy of this LP as it's got something for everyone from aging Boomers to toddlers and everybody in between.

Yet, in the back of my mind I feel a vague queasiness about this whole idea...

Somewhere, there's a pervert parked in an old "Van Down By The River" is using Muppets as a tool to lure unsuspecting Huskies for a cool drink of water and some Kibbles!

Oh, the humanity!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hello all, Brian here. Thanks for downloading the Sesame Disco comp. If you like this, please go check the other good stuff we have at Growing Bored For A Living. There's more nutty disco, a lot of rare Throbbing Gristle, and a bunch of other great stuff. Also check out the cover album projects we've been doing, including a massive post of Bob Dylan covers, as well as a Beatles covers series. We try to keep it eclectic and strange over there, so please check us out.

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