Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of The Stinky Puffs

As we've learned from Stinky Picnic, child musicians like the word "stinky." But The Stinky Puffs weren't just any kiddie rockers - Simon Fair Timony (age 7 when the band was formed) was the stepson of Jad Fair of Half-Japanese, and one of his li'l bandmates was the son of Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. If I was one of their fathers, I might be worried that one of their songs is called "Menendez Killed Their Parents."

On this 1994 release they fly thru 9 tracks in 13 minutes, first in the studio, and then live, backed by the 2 surviving members of Nirvana, and Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo. These kids got connections! It's surprisingly catchy and enjoyable. The kid's uninhibited sense of fun is certainly a contributing factor. And the songs sure don't overstay their welcome. The song "I'll Love You Anyway" is a heartfelt tribute to Kurt Cobain.

A Little Tiny Smelly Bit of The Stinky Puffs

  1. "Buddies Aren't Butts"
  2. "Menendez' Killed Their Parents"
  3. "I'll Love You Anyway"
  4. "I Am Gross!/No You're Not!" 
  5. "Pizza Break" 
  6. "Buddies Aren't Butts" (live) 
  7. "Menendez' Killed Their Parents" (live)
  8. "I'll Love You Anyway" (live)
  9. "I Am Gross!/No You're Not!" (live)


Anonymous said...

I recall seeing one of their albums (tapes?) being sold in a late-era Ralph Records catalog so, so long ago.
They're all grown up now. Is Simon still active in music?

Mr Fab said...

Yes, he is:

A metal/punk band with political messages. Which doesn't sound nearly as cute.