Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Will Work For Experimental Instruments

By request, two albums of experimental musical instruments have been re-posted. Get yer

gravikords, whirlies and pyrophones here, and yer

orbitones, spoon-harps, and bellowphones here.

News flash: I am unemployed! Anyone in Los Angeles want to hire me? I can do anything, from astronaut to zoo-keeper. Remember: the more money I make, the more I can spend on rockin' rare ridiculous rekkids that I post here. 

And throw a few bones James Carrol's way, too. One of this blog's prized contributors, the man who gave us the likes of the "Brain In A Box" and "National Lampoon Radio Hour" sets, is selling his artwork. Dig it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you for getting a cool new position somewhere Mr Fab. Good luck! Thanks as ever for all the strangeness.

cyclingshepherd said...

Mr Fab

I am really sorry to hear the terrible news that you are unemployed. I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, and not in employment myself so I can't even help you.

Your blog has given me much MUCH pleasure over the years, so I hope that you can find gainful employment soon and continue to entertain us all.

Best wishes,


ColinDuff said...

Best of luck with the search for employment. You really deserve it for all the joy you give us maniacs. If I were in LA i'd try to assist.

Henry Johns said...

that is shit. I live in London but if i ever start up a periodical which i think i will at some point i'll want a maniac corner for sure

strgzr said...

another unemployed Maniac afficionado here,from Greece.hope you find something soon and keep on keepin' it strange!

Mr Fab said...

Thanks, all you nice maniacs!