Wednesday, February 04, 2015


The Manor Boys are back on-line, by request.

Warning! This here's a whole album of song-poems - lyrics that suckers regular folks have paid to have set to music - that might have you questioning your sanity if you attempt to listen to it all in one go.  Like I did. 

Unlike the song-shark racket's most famous exemplars Rodd Keith and the slickly professional MSR Studios posse, Royal Master Recordings from Tennessee are at least as inept as the amateurs who sent in their hapless lyrics. The singers, one male and one female, can't find the rhythm, stop (give up?) singing thus leaving long awkward instrumental passages, and once even keep going after the music has stopped!  They also give every song the exact same reading no matter what its' content. The music tracks are generic country, and sometimes are repeated. Yep, you pay good money to have your heartfelt poems set to "original" music, and you get the same backing track as several other poor souls.

And what poems they are. Side 1 sports at least two real gems amidst all the love songs, the self-explanatory "Monkey Disco," and the hysterical Luddite plea "Progress." Side 2 is nuts, kicking off with several baffling songs. "Let Me Try Again" actually resembles good music, but the following track "These Hands" sends things back into the twilight zone. 

As with another Royal Master album I've posted, the all dead-Elvis themed "Gone But Not Forgotten," we get the added bonus of actual photos of the lyricists. And remember - these aren't hit songs yet. But they will be...tomorrow. I can't wait!

Hit Songs of Tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Appears to be something wrong with the file on is 0 MB

Mr Fab said...

Well, that was strange. Try it now?

ed said...

Wow this is NUTS!! Hilarious. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

For my dollar, pound-for-pound, Royal Master Records delivers the cheese.
I've got a few of these (many titles either Hit Songs of Tomorrow or Songs of Love, Songs of Life - or something like that).
Can you imagine how pissed some of the people were when they found out they used recycled music for their song?
Love these. Can't get enough of 'em.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us in which year this was released? Thanks.

Mr Fab said...

There's no date on the album, but judging by a reference to Love Canal, sometime after 1978.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is one I've never seen, and I have a stack of this kind of wax! Kudos, my friend!

Muff Diver said...

"And remember - these aren't hit songs yet. But they will be...tomorrow."

Mr. Fab, I do believe you were just now channeling Criswell with your prediction (above)...

You just provided all the proof I need: that if I listen to this record with my undivided attention, I too can become psychic, or at least a Top 40 Singing Sensation!

Thanks for showing me The Way, Mr Fab, you're the coolest :)