Sunday, February 15, 2015


Let's play bongos! On this instructional album, not just bongos, but all kinds of zesty Latin percussion get artfully pounded upon by studio pro Jack Burger. Narrated by someone who sounds like Hank Hill. The combination of the two elements had me both tappin' my toes and laffin'. Apparently came with a booklet that my copy, alas, does not have. 

Let's Play Bongos!

"I play bongos and bongo accessories for the people of this community."
Muchas gracias, Senor Windbag!


Your Pal Doug said...

How incredibly cool.
I'll keep my eye out for the instruction booklet.

Anonymous said...

I found this record at a garage sale a few years ago and taught myself to play bongos with it. Been meaning to digitize. Thanks!

. said...

Hello, MrFab! I'm back here after a year and a few and your blog still rules! Thank you so much from Fireland or whatever!

Mr Fab said...

Hey anon, can you learn even without the booklet?

Glad you have returned, o prodigal maniac. Does Fireland live in fear of Iceland?

Muff Diver said...

I've had that Hank Hill image stuck in my mind for the past hour, talking to me, no thanks to you!

But, being psychically invaded by Hank Hill's voice is offset by this fine exhibition of Bongo-ness!

Thanks once again, Mr Fab :)

Dirk Bill said...

I have a friend who found this in a pile of LPs the local library had donated (as in thrown away !): So much for public education! I will ask him about the booklet. Thanks for posting yet another fantastic stack o' wax!