Thursday, July 31, 2014

Two TIN HUEY Singles

By request, the Afro-rock of Daniel Owino Misiani and the "acid-rock" Hank Williams albums are back up.

As a delightful addendum to the avant-'tard Tin Huey album we posted last week, a thoughtful Maniac (thank you, sir!) has sent us 4 more sides from the indie days of these Ohio oddballs. The "Breakfast With The Hueys" 7" from 1978 features an early version of the album's "Squirm You Worm," minus Chris Butler, who apparently hadn't joined the band yet.

The "English Kids" 7" from 1980 doesn't sound anything like the album or the other single. It's straight-ahead '77-style punk and power-pop.

Tin Huey - 2 singles

Killed By Death posted a single by Butler as "The Waitresses," tho singer Patty Donahue had not yet joined. It's really quite strange! 

The Waitresses - "Clones"

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