Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy 80th Birthday, Bob: MOOG BREAKBEATS 2014

Tomorrow, May 23rd, would have been Robert Moog's 80th birthday. When Mr. Synthesizer died in 2005, I quickly went thru my '60s/'70s Moog-sploitation vinyl and started slapping platters on the turntable, digitizing all the songs with the ill-est drum breaks and the most head-nodding beatz. For a while I'd been thinking about putting together such a mixtape, but Bob's death prompted me to finally do so as a tribute. It proved to be pretty popular, getting mentioned in some prominent music websites. I even heard 8 tracks from it in a row when I just happened to be listening to the radio one night. Of course, I had to call up the station and say: hey, I'm that guy! So here's a new edition, with some slight track changes, and higher bit rates.

Not included: the most famous/sampled Moog funk song, Jean-Jacques Perrey's 'E.V.A.', as it is in print, and I have decided to focus on OOP rarities taken from vinyl. Hard to believe that most of these classics have never been digitally re-issued. So let's blast off! And thanks again, Bob.


00 Gershon Kingsley's First Moog Quartet - Shank [pre-Kraftwerk live Moog band; song inspired by Isaac Hayes' "Shaft" theme]
01 Electronic Concept Orchestra - Grazin In The Grass
02 Walter Sear - Love Child
03 Enoch Light - Pass and I'll Call You
04 Herbie Mann - Pick Up The Pieces
05 The Moog Machine - Jumpin Jack Flash
06 Jerry Styner and Larry Brown - Orbit III
07 John Murtaugh - Slinky [w/Herbie Hancock on piano]
08 Les Baxter - Rachmaninoff: Prelude in c# Minor [the song The Beastie Boys sampled for "Intergalactic"]
09 Robert Byrne - Donna
10 Zeet Band - Gimme 5 Cents Worth Of Love
11 Dick Hyman - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose [James Brown cover]
12 Claude Denjean - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
13 Enoch Light - Sittin On The Dock of the Bay
14 Hugo Montenegro - Yo Yo
15 Sounds Galactic - Spinning Wheel
16 The John Keating Space Experience - Solitaire
(dubious bonus track: a perhaps not-so-funky, utterly ridiculous bit of 'tard-tronica)


Domol said...

Bravo!! A wonderful tribute.

Holly said...

Super! Thank you :-)

RadioWizard said...

Nice comp...still have my small vinyl Moog record collection: Moog Machine, Walter Sear, Switched on Back, Dick Hyman's Electric Eclectics. Thanks for other artists.

Cara Belajar Gitar said...

nice post, thank you