Friday, April 25, 2014

Stolen Sounds pt1

New on-line releases that make music out of other peoples' music:

- People Like Us' newest album "Don't Think Right, It's All Twice" continues the prolific audio-collage queen's string of super-swell sample-sourced sounds. This time out, she actually uses lots of "classic rock" and familiar soul oldies, instead of her usual obscure charity-shop polka records, ethnic obscurities, and radio chatter. It has a nice, low-key feel to it. Restraint - uh oh, this isn't a sign of maturity, is it!? I'm not complaining - this is state-of-the-art sonic thievery. Get it. Listen to:

 Music Sounds Better With Me [Velvet Underground-Otis-Doors/David Lee Roth vs "Disco Inferno" + a bit of Beatles]

But if it is audio whoopee- cushions you want, check out:

- Roger Species "Never Tickle A Sleeping Strawberry"

for krude komedy kut-ups a la Wayne Butane or Cassetteboy. Only not nearly as good.  Still, there are so few people making these kinds of stupid-joke collages that I feel I should give the guy a mention. Even if taking a media figure saying the word "country" and cutting off the last syllable gets old after the 100th time, there's still some good stuff here. Try tracks #4, 7, and 11. And 23 for some nice gabber/yodeling.
Back to the really good stuff:

- ZootBoot vol.2 is described as "16 new mashups and remixes with pre-1950 sources." Mashup-masters like Pilchard, pomDeter, G3rst, oki and DJ Useo do a great job of mixing old jazz, big-band, etc with more modern sounds. It's the bee's knees, kiddo.



Costanzo said...

Love me some collage / plunderphonics. Never was much of a mashup guy, more of a Negativland & John Oswald type dude. If you're interested, I just uploaded an audio collage record up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Zoot Boots are a hoot!--Woot