Monday, January 06, 2014


By request, the Irish folk mashup collection "Straight Outta Ireland" is back up.

When my unbelieving eyes saw that parts of the US were going to be below -50 F (factoring in wind chill), my mission was clear: post that exotica compilation I'd been sitting on. You people need to warm up, and what better way to do that then with this collection of steamy, sultry, pseudo-tropical musics rescued from singles and otherwise non-exotic albums, not unlike our previous "Savage Exotica" comp. 

Like that collection, this features folks you wouldn't expect to be making tiki tunes: The Residents? Sun Ra? (His biography "Space Is The Place" confirms that he was a fan of exotica maestros like Les Baxter.) Sinatra singing with a Hawaiian group? A Rodd Keith song-poem? You bet your aloha. The "Fifth Beatle" Billy Preston, even, as well as famous bandleaders like George Shearing & Xavier Cugat, and contemporary revivalists like Combustible Edison, Cocktails with Joey, and the man whose track gives this album it's name, Fred from the B-52s.  Plenty of unknowns, lounge acts, and private-press records in here, too.  And "Noisy Village" and "A Night In Bedrock Forest" are bizarre, sound-effects-laden novelties, presumably parodies.


01 Superions - Totally Nude Island [w/Fred Schneider]
02 Exotic Adventure - Mel Henke
03 Caravan - The Three Suns
04 Tahiti - Rodd Keith
05 Exotic bird-bird - Dickie Harrell
06 Ferry Across The Mersey - Billy Preston [sounding more like "Ferry Cross the Amazon", this is from 1965, years away from Preston joining the Beatles, or his '70s solo fame]
07 cults percussion ensemble - baia [feat. a then-teenaged Evelyn Glennie]
08 Slow Hot Wind (Lujon) - The Trilogy [a Florida lounge act covering Mancini]
09 Poinciana - Art Van Damme [one of many versions of this oft-recorded exotica standard performed here by the world's foremost (only?) jazz accordionist]
10 The Residents - Syx Things to a Cycle (part 1)
11 Solar Drums - Sun Ra & His Mythical Science Arkestra
12 Tabou - Lecuona Cuban Boys [very early 78 rpm version of song that would be a perrenial exotica standard, often spelled "Taboo"]
13 Jungle Fever - The Mighty Accordion Band
14 Frank Sinatra - Bali Hai
15 Tropical Espionage - Cocktails with Joey
16 Noisy Village - Bobby McFadden and Dor ['Dor' is a pre-fame Rod McKuen]
17 Michael Farneti - In the Jungle [sleazy '70s lounge disco!]
18 The Veldt - Combustible Edison
19 Bahía - Xavier Cugat & his Waldorf Astoria Orchestra  (with Bing Crosby)
20 Fred Flintstone - A Night In Bedrock Forest [near as I can tell, this has nothing to do with the actual "Flintstones" show]
21 ブンガワン・ソロ (Bengawan Solo) - Kiyohiko Senba and his Haniwa All Stars
22 patrick vian - oreknock
23 george shearing - caravan


s. jerry said...

your description had me sold. downloading now. thanks.

Anonymous said...


saomusubi said...

Love it, many thanks!

The Cheerful Earfull! said...

Just delicious. Thanks so much!

Swank Daddy said...

What an amazing collection of music. Thanks for sharing it.

scott said...

I found this via Tiki Central. Alas, too late!! Any possibility for a re-up?


Mr Fab said...

Looks like it's still up scott. click on TOTALLY NUDE EXOTICA above then where it says DOWNLOAD NOW to the right.

scott said...

Got it!! I swear I tried that. Appreciate it! Can't wait to give it a listen!