Wednesday, November 13, 2013


By request, Wild Man Fischers' "Wildmania!", "Space Age Santa," "Christmas Is For Weirdos," "Curl Activate: '80s rap novelties", and "White Men Can't Rap" are all back up.
Got a nice email from someone looking for a treasured record from her childhood. Can any old time/novelty song hounds out there help her out? Kathleen O. writes:  "When I was little, my father would play a record on the portable record player that made both of us laugh & laugh. I have no idea who recorded it or what any other lyrics were except that, apparently, each verse ended with a burp and then the man would say/sing "'scuse me ma'am. Musta been somethin' I ate." Dad would slow it down for a long, drawn out belch or speed it up for a quick bip & chipmunk voices. My older sister hated when we played it. She doesn't remember it, and, alas, my father has passed away.

During my search, I listened to funny songs by Benny Bell, Spike Jones, etc. but, if I remember correctly, this "song" was more spoken than sung. Dad was born in 1913. The record was probably an old one, but it was the late 1950s /early 1960s when we listened to it. I think my sister broke the record...
An extensive on-line search yielded nothing but a discovery of other novelty songs and performers from years ago.

Any ideas?


Timmy said...

Only song that comes to mind is: "It's A Gas" by Alfred E. Newman (Mad Magazine)

Mr Fab said...

A classic! Actually, first thing I thought of was Spike Jones' "Wyatt Earp Makes Me Burp." But no, it's not them.

James said...

It Must Have Been Something I Et - Tiny Hill

Mr Fab said...

Got an email from Kathleen - you got it James! She thanks you.