Thursday, January 17, 2013


How's THAT for an album cover? 

I think you can see why I picked up this private-press piece of vintage vinyl recently - it truly is a slice of authentic Americana, a peek into un-hip rural backroads (in this case, Pennsylvania Dutch country) where Ma & Pa go out on a Saturday night to the local tavern and dance to the kind of music left out of the history books, played by the sort of performer usually considered to be not worthy of critical consideration.

Recorded live, Mr. Dutchman is  clearly having a good ol' time, chatting with the crowd,  letting loose with whoops and yee-haws! on occasion. Everything that doesn't sound like a polka (even the Elvis cover) is delivered in a wave-your-mug drinking song waltz-time. And might I direct your attention to the song that features our man playing the accordion and tap-dancing (!) at the same time. They don't make 'em like this any more.  (Or do they?  I suspect that this fellow might be the same guy.)



Bob said...

Yes, same guy.


And FYI, quote :

Mr. Batz has no intentions to stop making music. Looking to the future, he intends to record a gospel music DVD.

Mr Fab said...

Thanks, Bob, that's amazing - another Flying Dutchman album's out there. Guess this guy was pretty popular in certain entertainment-starved parts of the country.

OutaSpaceMan said...

I've always wanted to work with a tap-dancer providing the percussion.


(in fishnets natch)

Mr Fab said...

What's stopping YOU from putting on some tap shoes OSM, eh, eh?!

Do like when we were kids - put thumb-tacks on the bottom of your shoes.

Unknown said...

this guy in italy is pretty awesome on the one man band front. I have a whole cd of his that my brother got from him when he was performing on the streets there.

Anonymous said...

let me call you sweathart.

Dirk Bill said...

Can't wait to hear "Let Me Call You Sweathart"!