Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Garbage-Men

If I may just speak like a Rat-Pack era showbiz-type for a moment and say, "Marvelous stuff what the kids these days are doing." Especially when the kids are some Sarasota, Florida teenagers making their own instruments out of junk. Too bad they've only got one song up for listening/purchase right now, a delightfully messed-up version of Elvis' "Hound Dog," scored for cereal box-guitars, garbage drums, a saxophone made from a popcorn push toy, and the miracle of the Glass Bottle Idiophone:


This interview features bits of other songs (also oldies remakes), as does this video, which includes a bitchin' version of The Surfaris' "Wipeout," as well as an up-close look at those nutty instruments:

I'd take this ramshackle version of "Satisfaction" over the Stone's any day:

But what do they use for strings?  Regular guitar strings?  And will they ever cover The Cramps?


Pierre said...

This cereal box guitar sounds cool (though out of tune) like indian musicians playing surf music

Anonymous said...

check out this guy from Germany:http://youtu.be/Ws-bnBcPcwQ