Tuesday, May 22, 2012


British comic Mike Belgrave has an entertaining series of short videos about outsider and strange musics. Even if you know all about this stuff, they're worth watching for the presentation - he's quite enthusiastic, and throws in funny visuals. Stop what you're doing and feast your eyeballs on these, you'll love 'em. Episode one is the basic background, and mentions Wesley Willis, Irwin Chusid, and misguided sitar covers:

Episode Two: The Cramps play at a mental hospital

Episode Three: Xmas special

Episode Four: "the mainstream side of life"

Episode Five: buskers, and performers he's met

Thanks to RadioClash for the tip, and thanks (?) to VideoPate for sending this atrocity our way: an elderly Xian hippie/Santa Claus type in Ventura County, CA, in an amazingly slickly-produced video (where'd he get the money?) repeatedly asking "What's happening in the world today?" and, not getting an answer, keeps asking for five agonizing minutes. Catchy tune, and hey, dig those kazoo solos! John David Orvis is his name and apparently there's a whole album of his out there. 

But it doesn't get much better/worse then this bit of jaw-dropping horror, dumped on the world only last week.  I think the title of this song says it all: "Thank You, Facebook."

"I'm tagging you, you're tagging me, we're making history."


Tim from Radio Clash said...

Glad you like! Glad to add something here for once - I've given m4m a shout out on the next podcast cos I used some of the great covers you've been posting :-D Especially loved the Ghana Beatles cover.

Tim from Radio Clash said...

oh it gets weirder.

Checked out that John Orvis CD, turns out it not only has him as a biker on the front cover, it was engineered ad recorded by Vern Green, who came up as a Google Hit for a Tolkein/doom metal band called Cirish Ungol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirith_Ungol_%28band%29

Check out the lead singers name.

Providence says I need to post this.

Mr Fab said...

"Check out the lead singers name." I did - ha ha ha, You never told me about your sordid past! That explains the beard - going for that Galdolf look, eh?