Friday, November 11, 2011


The Musical Betts were a husband-and-wife duo who played (mostly) instrumental versions of gospel songs on such instruments as cowbells, marimba, musical saw, slide guitar, and sleigh bells. And vibraharp, which I think is like a vibraphone. Really cool stuff, but alas I know nuthin' about 'em. I do know they had at least one other album besides this one cuz Otis Fodder and Dana Countryman posted a song off it for their Cool and Strange Music Magazine comp, included here as a bonus.
It's a bit odd hearing melodies played on instruments like cowbells performed not as Spike Jones-like comedic music, but in a stately, emotional manner. If Tom Waits has this album, I would not be surprised.

The Musical Betts

1. I'd Rather Have Jesus
2. The Lords Prayer
3. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
4. Rock of Ages
5. He Lifted Me
6. Ring The Bells of Heaven
7. Dwelling In Beulah Land
8. Near The Cross
9. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
10. Jesus Loves Me
11. Church In The Wildwood
12. Just As I Am
13. BONUS TRACK: Grumblers


Anonymous said...

I keep hoping to find a dixieland jazz band doing spiritual riffing out of Mormon hymn books. Would love to hear "Come, Come Ye Saints" jazzed at the Salt Lake City Temple Grounds. Would go over like a lead balloon with the scowling locals, though! --Windy

Mr Fab said...

"The Scowling Locals" - and, lo, another band name is born.

Holly said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That pedal steel just sends the whole business into Spongebobland. I see all the denizens of Bikini Bottom sitting in church in their Sunday best.

Dirk Bill said...

Wow, looks incredible! But the link is dead. Any chance, please, etc.? P.S. I have a Jenco vibraharp that I bought from a girlfriend years ago in Cincinnati; It's smaller than the pro model, and I'm pretty sure it was a school instrument back in the (probably) '50s. The difference between a vibraphone and a vibraharp is the vibraharp has a motor that turns fans over the resonator tubes to give it that warbly tremolo. Mine has three speeds: Real Fast, Too Fast, and Carsick. I put a light dimmer on it once to slow it down and every amp in the band hummed like a bastard. What a great instrument though.

Bill said...

Link worked fine for me. lmk and I'll ul somewhere else you can snag it if need be. Oh and thanks. I'm feelin' very pious rigt about now....

Dirk Bill said...

Thanks for the offer. Once I got your comment I realized Fab had done another Fab(ulous) Re-up! Thanks Mr. Fab!