Monday, April 25, 2011

VINYL-PALOOZA #8: The Occult Organ of Jimmy Rhodes

Late at night, when it's all quiet, the lights are low, cocktail in hand, nothing hits the spot like old organ records - cool, creepy, atmospheric...wistfully nostalgic and romantic, but with a darkness. Best played low in the background. Aaah...

This album sounds like the way it's '40s-ish noir album cover looks, only it was recorded in the late '60s/early '70s. Mr. Rhodes was clearly way out of step with the psychedelic generation, which isn't too surprising: according to his bio (the only thing on the 'net I could find about the guy) he went on to play with Lawrence Welk and made Christian records with his wife.

Jimmy Rhodes "My Best To You"

01 My Best To Y
02 Around The W
03 Moritat (Mack The Knife)
04 Beyond The Reef-Hawaiian Wedding Song
05 Lies-The Glory Of
06 Alley Cat
07 The Blue Skirt Waltz-The River Seine
08 Miss You
09 Til Tomorrow-Goodnight My Someone
10 The 3rd Man Theme
11 Do You Ever Think Of Me-You Were Meant For Me
12 Avalon-The Sheik Of Araby
13 Que Sera Sera
14 The Portuguese Washerwoman

I featured other occult organs on my "Strange Interludes" collection.
This has been another fine windbag contribution.


Anonymous said...

yer velcome. I kept his C&W organ album AND IT SUCKS--tombstone cover art, too! One might also try a Columbia Lp, circa 1963, by Hank Turner (C&W skating rink organ album). Windy

Mr Fab said...

Country/western organ music? had no idea such a thing even existed...

Dirk Bill said...

Wow, Mediafire links are killing me! Your Strange Interludes is fatastic and I'm sure this is perfect too!