Thursday, November 11, 2010


Not really. But an East Coast accordionist has released a collection of Philip Glass covers. Some solo, some of it sounds overdubbed, no other instruments. This shouldn't work in a million years, yet it does, and quite brilliantly at that. It's no gimmick - the guy's got some serious squeezebox skillz, and the surrealism of making 20th classical music sound like a Balkan village dance is an unexpected bonus.

What Capitalism Was - Plays Philip Glass on Accordion
1. Japura River
2. Facades
3. Cloudscape
4. Aria from Act III of Satyagraha
5. Floe
6. Etoile Polaire
7. Subterraneans
8. Resource
9. Knee 1

And you thought that the Dead Kennedys were a strange choice for an accordion tribute...


wackystuff said...

Wow, this is so cool! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Philip Glass on accordion... Look, Martha! There IS a God!

Korla said...

Just beautiful. Thank you!

Accordion Videos And Links said...

Accordion + minimalistic music = always something great! :-)

Reuben Garrett said...

beautiful! thank you so much for sharing this!

337is said...

I don't know where I've been, but this is BRILLIANT. Thank you. Do higher bit MP3s exist? I would happily spend real money on this release.

Mr Fab said...

337is: Funny, i had that thought today as well - Mr What Capitalism Was really should consider a proper release, tho i appreciate him making this available for free. Apart from hopefuly getting higher bit rates, a legal release I think would sell well judging by how hugely popular it's been on these (virtual) pages.