Thursday, June 24, 2010


"Originally recorded in 1973, this vinyl rarity is best described as an electronic ceremonial soundtrack. After being discovered in a hidden compartment beneath a closet floor, Fonetap Music has obtained the rights and reissued it in all its dusty glory."

That's their story and they're sticking to it. In any case, Grant Moros' all-instro all-electro "Mysteries" certainly sounds like it could have been recorded in the early '70s, and the whole occult ritual aspect of it recalls Moog-master Mort Garson's excursions into that realm.

Lots of nice stuff here: the song "Neophyte's Illumination" hints at a more low-key "Popcorn," and "Ritual of the Serpent" makes great use of primitive drum machines. "Death Be The Penalty" is as intense and scary as it's title, but it's immediately followed by the genuinly lovely "Rosslyn's Crypt." You can download the whole thing here:

Grant Moros "Mysteries"

but buy it here in various formats, including the fancy-shmancy FLAC. Rumor has it that there's a vinyl version availble, which would worth picking up for that cool artwork alone.



Anonymous said...

Can't find a contact for whoever runs this blog so I'll post this here with the hope that you'll see it, whoever you are. I thought you'd be interested in this guy/group (not sure which it is) his/their music is all over the place. Noise, a lot of Moog, electronica, concrete, progressive, classical, humor and more. Anyway I thought it was pretty friggin weird so I thought I'd share.

Hope it's up your alley.

-d said...

LP is sold out. limited edition of 100. damn. thanks for posting about this.

Mr Fab said...

Been listening to that philip stranger stuff - nice. thanks.

Joe K said...

I believe Grant Moros -is- Mort Garson. The name is an anagram. Can anyone confirm this?

erwin said...

my feeling says it not mort garson (composition wise it isn't really like him and and soundwise i feel it comes short to wht he has done before and after, i even doubt its old, because their is no info to find, and i would assume that info would have been known, over all those years now, and this somehow pops up??? kind of questionable seems more a sort of tribute to me, production value is also less i feel, which i would find wierd for mort garson, doesn't has the playfullness than his other stuff, and those signature sounds of how he patched the modular, are more tame, and feel like gimmicked without the flair of mort. i could be wrong, but that is what i noticed when listening, not bad, good, but it feels not really so alive, that i doubt it's mort garson