Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mr. "Home" Center

From the liner notes: "Jim Noste has been at the helm of one of New Jersey's most successful-reliable Home Improvement Center since 1948."

This album looks to be from the '80s, and features some top session aces (complete with arranger) playing the swingin' standards as Mr. "Home" Center adds his heavily-vibratoed vocals. The results can be funny, embarrassing, and, on ballads like "Could I Have This Dance," oddly moving. He sings with plenty of enthusiasm and emotional commitment. I would definitely buy vinyl siding from this man.

Bonus tune! A version of "I Get a Kick Out of You" from his first album
(recorded at Sun Studios!) that, alas, I do not have, courtesy of WFMU's "Incorrect Music Companion."

Jim Noste "Songs For You"

Thanks to windbag!


Anonymous said...

Expect some more cannon fodder soon. I had to decide about room--must keep room for my Brady Kids, Mike Curb Congregation, and Dave Pratt & the Sex Machine Band albums! Windbag

Anonymous said...

Could you reupload this