Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Pleonasm is new FREE! 'net label of, as it's proprietor C.Cummings says, "outsidery lo-fi obscure no-genre" and, yup, plenty of the recordings (e.g.: Baker & Abel) are in the fine tradition of kids-goofing-off-into-a-tape-recorder, tho some, like that of Beat poet Bill Bissett, verges on respectably high-brow. Their roster spans from New York to California to Canada. Dig:

The Taints: 3 songs in 4 minutes of juvenile Casio silliness; "I Wanna Get In Your Pants" is my pick-to-click.

Carnivorous Birds "Life Metal": a whopping 27 songs, but I was entertained throughout; some songs like "Acid Squirtgun" really had me laffin'!

Dolphin Explosion: Unfortunately only one song from this gang of unruly six-year-old girls, with one of my favorite artists Mike Kelley somehow ending up on drums

Mannlicher Carcano
: pretty intriguing Negativland-ish mix of sampling (inc. a 9 minute meditation on Johnny Cash) and live instrument improv.

Poo Poo Cushion
: A fair amount of futzing around, interspersed with songs like
"I Don't Want To Go To School" that remind me of classic Cali hardcore, which makes me happy.

Sunday Brunch With Stan
: Surprise! Actual pop songs, well recorded and performed - "Juicy" is funky genius.

And there's so much more...

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